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Announcing SVOFFICE 5

Invitation to our Open-Beta!

In case you haven’t heard, we announced that SVOFFICE™5 will be released in Q2 of this year.

If you would like to get your hands on the software early and help us put the finishing touches on it before the final release in Q2...please go to to this link to sign up for our open beta program.

We are very proud to announce that SVOFFICE™5 will be released in Q2 of this year. It builds on the success of our previous SVOffice™2009 product and the robustness of its finite element solution engine. Providing the benefits of a general finite element solver with a scripting interface and fully automatic mesh generation and mesh refinement in 1D, 2D, and 3D models.

The suite offers a geotechnical and geoenvironmental applications focus and is well suited for solving complex flow and contaminant transport models.

SVOFFICE™5 offers advanced coupling between software products for the solution of complex models involving flow / thermal / pore-air coupling or flow / transport numerical models. For example, pore-water pressures can be imported to form the basis of a slope-stability model.

The SVSLOPE®3D package has continued to improve and can now create 3D models of increased complexity. This is due in part to a significant addition to SVOFFICE™5...the new SVDESIGNER™ conceptual modeling software package. This brand new software program is tightly integrated within SVOFFICE™5 and allows for the representation and manipulation of complex 3D geometry and takes 3D modeling to a whole new level.

The SOILVISION® application has been completely rewritten and redesigned for increased ease-of-use and provides a vastly improved user experience. It remains the premiere solution for the estimation of unsaturated hydraulic properties for modeling groundwater flow. The SOILVISION® database consists of unsaturated hydraulic properties and includes laboratory data on over 6500 soils and 24 theoretical methods of estimating unsaturated hydraulic properties.


  • Easier to Use
  • New SVOFFICE™5 Manager with Learning and Expert Modes
  • New SVDESIGNER™ 3D Model Construction and Visualization
  • Newly Redesigned SOILVISION® Soil Database
  • New High-Speed 3D CAD Graphics Engine
  • Automatic Mesh Generation and Refinement
  • Tight Integration Across All Modules
  • Advanced Model Coupling
  • Advanced 3D Multi-Directional Slope Stability Analysis
  • Spatially Varying Material Properties
  • Comprehensive Probabilistic Analysis
  • Continuous Innovation
  • Customized Solutions
  • World Class Support

SVOFFICE™5 is the culmination of an extremely dedicated team of developers, engineers, collaborators and QAQC testers working tirelessly to bring the evolution of this product to market. We are very proud of what we have achieved.

We are very excited to get SVOFFICE™5 into everyone’s hands and see what amazing things they will be able to do with it."

Murray Fredlund | President and CEO | SoilVision Systems Ltd.

Evolution of SVOFFICE 5 - Learn More

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