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Upgrade your geotechnical software to SVSLOPE® and we will give you an extra* license (valued at $2,895)!

SVSLOPE® is the most versatile stability package available and features the latest modeling technology to support your field activities. Enable your modeling experts with industry-recognized geotechnical software engineered to get you results!

Purchases must be made by August 31, 2016.

Key Applications:

  • Mining - Stability analysis of open pit mines
  • Environmental - Design of heap leach pad drainage systems (combined with SVFLUX™)
  • Civil Engineering - Analysis of earth slopes and earth dams/levees
  • Water Resources - Simulating impacts from changing groundwater levels and slope stability
  • Construction - Design of retaining walls and reinforcements


  • Efficiency - Build 2D/3D geotechnical models faster using intuitive and powerful features
  • Power - Run simple or complex geotechnical models to predict outcomes and identify risks
  • Enablement - Provide your geotechnical experts with tools they need to succeed
  • Reliability - SOILVISION products are industry-recognized and used worldwide

Refer to promo code "2D43D" and take advantage of this outstanding offer.

To purchase call: 1-306-477-3324 or email:

*For a limited time, if you purchase the Professional or Mining versions of SVSLOPE®3D (includes SVSLOPE®2D), you will receive an additional SVSLOPE®2D Standard license at no additional cost!

Anchor Analysis and Back-Analysis in 2D/3D

SVSLOPE® is currently the only product which can perform anchor analysis and back-analysis in 3D! The simple user interface makes it more intuitive and easier than ever.

The back-analysis feature works by allowing the user to specify a target factor of safety and a horizontal support force elevation. The analysis is then run using either the Bishop or Janbu Simplified methods. The results of the analysis will be a recommendation for how much horizontal force is required to raise the factor of safety to the target level... READ MORE

2D Anchor Analysis

3D Anchor Analysis

We have been using SVSLOPE® and SVFLUX™ for the past year and have found them to be efficient and productive engineering tools which have allowed us to offer our services in an efficient manner. We have found the software quick and easy for our engineers to train and utilize."

Barry Carlson | President of Interralogic Engineering

The software is well documented and comes with number of useful example models. We were able to quickly begin creating models after a short review of the user interface and going through the available on-line webinars. The software offers solid benefits of less conservatism and the ability to model real geometry."

Steven A. Haire | Chief Geotechnical Engineer, Ninyo & Moore

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In this week’s Feature Focus, Dr. Murray Fredlund demonstrates just how simple it is to add anchor supports to a 2D or 3D model in SVSLOPE®

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NEW SVOFFICE™5 Video Tutorials

These videos are intended to help users get up and running as quickly as possible.

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Get up to speed with SVDESIGNER

*Limited availability, based on first come - first served. Maximum of 15 hours.

SVDESIGNER™ offers an amazing set of intuitive and powerful features to help you concptualize your geotechnical designs. To help you get to the end-goal faster, we are offering free model development services* with your initial purchase of SVDESIGNER™

Benefits of the program:

  • Receive (1) one free 3D conceptual model created with the assistance of our in-house modeling experts using your project data!*
  • Work directly with the SoilVision team and discover key features and their applications
  • Learn how to integrate your field data into the 3D SVDESIGNER™ environment
  • Build your expertise from the people who develop SoilVision’s products

Call to purchase: 1-306-477-3324 or Email us:

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SoilVision University

Upcoming Webinars

  • Building Basic 2D Models in SVSLOPE® LIVE ONLINE DEMO
    Presented by Dr. Murray Fredlund
    July 26, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm (MDT) | Register

This webinar will cover the creation of simple 2D numerical models using the SVSLOPE® limit equilibrium slope stability software.

Methods of geometry entry as well as analysis methods, slip surface searching methods and visualization of results will be covered.

The webinar attendee will come away with a good idea of how to create simple slope stability numerical models. New drawing methods implemented in the new SVOFFICE 5 software will be covered.

The following specific items will be illustrated in the webinar:

  • Entry of geometry by different methods
  • New methods of drawing on the CAD control
  • Selection of searching methods
  • New "Optimize" searching feature
  • Results visualization
  • Sorting trial slip surfaces and displaying in order
  • PDF export of results

Methods of geometry entry as well as analysis methods, slip surface searching methods and visualization of results will be covered.

If you have any questions, Please contact us via email or call us +1-306-477-3324.

Methods of geometry entry as well as analysis methods, slip surface searching methods and visualization of results will be covered.

We look forward to your attendance!

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Upcoming Conferences We Are Attending

  • GEO-CHICAGO 2016
    Chicago, Illinois | August 14-18, 2016
    Keystone, Colorado | October 2-5, 2016
    Vancouver, British Columbia | October 2-5, 2016
  • COBRAMSEG 2016
    Belo Horizonte, Brazil | October 19-22, 2016

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Comprehensive 3D slope stability model designed to address complex geology using triangulated surfaces.


The most comprehensive 2D/3D slope stability and finite element (FEM) numerical modeling software available.


Comprehensive saturated/ unsaturated flow and contaminant transport model with automatic mesh refinement.

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