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$940* for SVSLOPE® 2D Standard

Own SVSLOPE® 2D for the price of an annual maintenance or upgrade fee.

We want to get you started with SVSLOPE® 2D. This is a great low risk start up opportunity.

With our monthly webinars and extensive tutorial library available online, you will be able to get up to speed quickly. We are here to support you and ensure you get the most out of this powerful, flexible and efficient product.

SVSLOPE® Advantages:

  • Streamlined CAD interface for simple model drawing
  • Easy and logical user interface
  • More circular and non-circular searching methods
  • More probabilistic and spatial variability features
  • Comprehensive unsaturated analysis

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This last quarter has seen the release of several new features in the SVOFFICE™5 software suite:

Multi-Plane Analysis in SVSLOPE®

Slope stability analysis is often targeted at topologically complex sites whose features vary greatly in three dimensions, or seemingly simple surface topology with strong and weak internal layers that vary across the site. For these types of sites, it can be difficult to determine where the location of the failure is most likely to be. Typically, an engineer would be required to perform tedious and time-consuming analysis at multiple different locations in sequence in order to find the location of the failure. SVSLOPE® now supports a new feature called Multi-Plane Analysis that enables rapid, thorough, and simple to perform analysis of a 3D site at many different locations simultaneously.... READ MORE

Multi-Plane Analysis

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SoilVision University

Case Study | Tailings Storage

SVSLOPE® - Analysis of a tailings storage facility using cross-section interpolation

Output from cross-section interpolation

SVSLOPE® proved to be a user-friendly and efficient tool to transition from 2D to 3D analysis using cross-sections as input."

Andrés Reyes Para | GeoTechnical Engineer, Formerly with Anddes Asociados S.A.C.

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SoilVision University


SVSLOPE® - Multi-Plane 2D Slope Stability for Tailings Dam Analysis
Friday, Oct 14, 2016 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm (MDT) | Register

This webinar demonstrates the application of the new Multi-Plane Analysis (MPA) technology implemented in the SVSLOPE® 2D MINING edition of our software.

Traditional analysis of earth dams involve a complicated process of pulling and organizing specific cross-sections out of AutoCAD geometry. The process for geotechnical engineers is complicated and time consuming. The methodology also raises questions such as “What if the slice chosen is slightly different? Does it greatly affect the calculated factor of safety?”.

The MPA analysis allows the user to set up complex geometries and analyze a small or large batch of 2D slicing planes. The site can be fully set up in our SVDESIGNER™ software package. Then the geometry can be transferred to SVSLOPE® to set up tens, hundreds or thousands of slicing planes where each plane is a fully formed 2D limit equilibrium slope stability model. The results of the analyses are then compiled by the software and may be visualized over top of the original 3D conceptual model.

Such a technology is perfect for the 2D analysis of complex earth structures. This webinar will focus on the application to the analysis of tailings dams. Such analysis has the potential to more fully analyze the effects of 3D geometry on the related factor of safety for such earth structures. The presentation will include a brief overview of the MPA methodology, a demonstration of a simple application, and then a demonstration of a more real-world type of site.

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  • Short Course: Two and Three Dimensional Slope Stability Analysis of Tailings Dams
    Oct 19 | COBRAMSEG 2016, Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil | Register

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