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Featuring major improvements to SVSLOPE® the Premier Slope Stability Analysis Software - including 10x speed increase!

Why is SVSLOPE® the clear choice?

  • 2nd generation limit equilibrium 3D software
  • Extremely stable with a more than 10x speed improvement: Solve models in a fraction of the time
  • Sarma Non-Vertical Slices analysis in 2D
  • Exclusive 3D Multi-Plane Analysis™ (MPA) can turn large, complex regional site models into hundreds of cross-sections. A 2D or 3D limit equilibrium method (LEM) analysis of hundreds of thousands of trials may be performed. Through parallel computations, MPA can then plot the spatially varying factor of safety in mere minutes rather than the days or weeks of the typical workflow.
  • The most extensive feature set available today
  • Comprehensive block searching methods (block, point, line, polyline)
  • Anisotropic Linear Models (ALM) 1 & 2 in 3D
  • 2D/3D shear strength reduction (SSR) slip surfaces can be imported from SVSOLID™
  • High-performance graphics engine for stunning visuals and fluid actions

You can solve the most demanding modeling challenges in the shortest amount of time.

SoilVision has been leading the way with 3D slope stability analysis since 2011. Since that time, we have pioneered many developmental breakthroughs to advance the acceptance of 3D analysis into the mainstream. Through continuous research and innovation, our 2nd generation SVSLOPE® software has seen a more than 10x speed improvement and the addition of many new advanced features and capabilities.

Efficiently build more accurate 3D site geometry, then perform classic limit equilibrium slope stability analysis of soil or rock slopes by the method of slices or newer stress-based methods. 3D models easily integrate into 2D analysis workflows as consulting firms rapidly transition to the new 3D analysis standards, saving on the usual time-intensive routine of analyzing 2D slices.

SVSLOPE® continues to be the premier software in slope stability analysis and SoilVision continues as the forerunner in 3D analysis.

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New Features

This last quarter has seen the release of several new features in SVSLOPE®:

Sarma Non-Vertical Slices Analysis

Sarma (1979) recommended an extended wedge approach for limited equilibrium methods. In the Sarma method the critical horizontal acceleration factor Kc is calculated in a closed form. The solution obtained in the form of Kc can be used to determine the factor of safety, and the slices are not necessarily vertical. The effect of the shear strength on the internal shear surfaces can be considered in the analysis. SVSLOPE® 2D has added the Sarma Non-Vertical Slices method into its latest release as requested by our users... READ MORE

Sarma Non-Vertical Slices Analysis

3D Multi-Plane Analysis

Slope stability analysis is often targeted at topologically complex sites whose features vary greatly in three dimensions, or seemingly simple surface topology with strong and weak internal layers that vary across the site. For these types of sites, it can be difficult to determine where the location of the failure is most likely to be. Typically, an engineer would be required to perform tedious and time-consuming analysis at multiple different locations in sequence in order to find the location of the failure. .... READ MORE

Mult-Plane Analysis

Block Searching Improvements

A block search is one of the powerful non-circular slip surface search methods available in SVSLOPE® 2D. For example, it is especially useful to perform non-circular analysis along a thin weak layer. In order to define a non-circular slip surface with a block search, one or more block search objects must be defined. There are four block search objects available... READ MORE

Block Searching

3D Slope Search

SVSLOPE® now brings the Slope Search trial slip surface generation method to three-dimensional analysis, in addition to the existing support that is already available for two-dimensional models. In comparison to the other available 3D trial slip surface generation methods -- such as Entry and Exit, or Grid and Tangent -- Slope Search is an easier to use, higher level method that requires .... READ MORE

3D Slope Search

Other SVSLOPE® Improvements

  • Probabilistic method improvements
  • Barton Bandis material
  • Clara/W import
  • Trial Slip Surfaces
  • Clara/W Import

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    NEW QuickByte Overview Videos

    These videos are intended to help users get up and running as quickly as possible.

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    SVSLOPE® Quick Overview

    In this QuickByte we provide a quick overview and cover some of the features of the software.

    QuickByte Video SVSLOPE Quick Overview

    SVDESIGNER™ Dam in Valley
    Model Construction Overview

    We quickly run through the process of constructing a simple 3D model of an earth dam structure in a valley using SVDESIGNER™.

    QuickByte Video SVDESIGNER Dam in Valley Model Construction

    New Features

    SVSLOPE® Applied to Tailings Impoundment Facility

    Tierra group recently made use of the 3D capabilities of the SVSLOPE® software to perform an analysis of the corner of an earth dam retaining structure. The use of 2D analysis tools were difficult in this scenario because of several issues. Firstly, the structure of a corner or a turn in the earth dam needed to be incorporated into the analysis. There is also the difficulty of varying geo-strata beneath the foundation of the engineered earth dam structure. The combination of these two aspects made 2D analysis extremely difficult. .... READ MORE

    Tierra Group

    Tierra Group was in need of a 3D slope stability analysis to solve a complex slope stability project in highly variable soil conditions. We were able to quickly develop the conceptual 3D model with SVDESIGNER™ and SVSLOPE® using topographic data, borehole logs, and 2D geologic cross-sections. Once the conceptual model was built, Tierra Group was able to analyze multiple potential failure locations and orientations in excellent time. The SoilVision team responded quickly to questions and spent as much time as was necessary to help. We highly recommend this software for analyzing similar projects."

    Justin Knudsen, P.E. | Senior Civil/Geotechnical Engineer Tierra Group

    Technical Advisors

    Gilson Gitirana Jr. B.Eng, MSc, Ph.D.Gilson Gitirana

    Field of Expertise: Geotechnical/Slope Stability

    Prof. Gilson Gitirana has collaborated on research and development with SoilVision since 1999. From 1999 to 2005 he was a research engineer, being involved in the development of early seepage and stress-deformation numerical solutions. In 2006 he moved back to Brazil and has since led a research group on Unsaturated Soil Mechanics and Computational Geomechanics. SoilVision and Prof. Gitirana's research team collaborate on numerous R&D projects. The most notable contributions of their research efforts are in the area of coupled hydro-air-thermal-mechanical simulation, soil-atmosphere modelling, probabilistic analysis, slope stability using Dynamic Programming, and three-dimensional slope stability using FEM stress analysis.

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    Comprehensive 3D slope stability modeling designed to address complex geology using triangulated surfaces.


    The most comprehensive 2D/3D slope stability and finite element (FEM) numerical modeling software available.


    Comprehensive saturated/ unsaturated flow and contaminant transport modeling with automatic mesh refinement.

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