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Celebrating 20 years of innovation.

To commemorate this milestone event we are doing the unthinkable... giving away our 3D slope stability software for free!

Every new* annual license purchase of SVSLOPE® 2D Professional for $2,877 will also receive a one-year lease of our 2nd generation SVSLOPE® 3D Professional absolutely free (MSRP $5,397) – no strings attached. That's right! This is the fully functional professional version – not a demo – which means you can start using it right now on real projects supplying instant revenue to your organization's bottom line. 

Orientation Analysis

To make this offer even more unbelievable, we are also going to include the powerful Orientation Analysis feature, allowing you to run your analysis in any arbitrary direction.

Hurry! This offer ends on February 28, 2018† and may not come around for another 20 years… don’t miss out!

* Does not apply to existing licenses or upgrades. †All sales transactions must be concluded by February 28, 2018.

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New Features

This last quarter has seen the release of several new features in SVSLOPE®:

Material Volume Meshes

One of the greatest challenges in performing 3D geotechnical numerical analysis is in creating a 3D model of the site. A well-defined model that accurately represents the site topography and boundaries of material layers is essential to producing an accurate analysis. For a site with few material units in which the units are cleanly separated and stack on top of each other, the modeling process is relatively simple. However, sites may have numerous features such as dykes, ore bodies, or other enclosed volumes of material with complex shapes. Modeling these features and their interactions with the rest of the site geometry can be very difficult with traditional methods, but Material Volume Meshes (MVMs) make it significantly simpler, easier, and faster.... READ MORE

Material Volume Meshes

Sharpen Your Skills


SVSLOPE® Material Volume Meshes Tutorial

JANUARY 11th, 2018
12 pm - 1pm CST

Material Volume Meshes

Join us for a new LIVE webinar that introduces the new Material Volume Meshes (MVMs) available in the latest release of SVSLOPE® 3D.

MVM is a powerful new feature that enables engineers to model complex geometry that is impractical to represent with the traditional regions and surfaces paradigm.

The webinar will cover:

  • Importing topography and feature meshes into SVDESIGNER™
  • Creating an SVSLOPE® 3D model
  • Adding Material Volume Meshes to the model
  • Solving the model using the Multi-Plane Analysis (MPA™)

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New Features

Practical Methodology for Transitioning to a 3D Stability Analysis for Geotechnical Consultants

2D Slope Model

3D Slope Model

The analysis of slopes by 3D techniques such as the Limit Equilibrium Method (LEM) has received increased attention in recent years. The increased use has resulted in additional questions surfacing relating to the use of such analysis in consulting practice. Consulting engineers are interested in understanding the potential differences between 2D and 3D analysis as it relates to the modeling of either backward or forward analyses."

Murray Fredlund, Ph.D. | President/CEO SoilVision Systems Ltd.

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Technical Advisors

Dr. Dirk Van Zyl, BS., BSc, MS, Ph.D., Executive MBADirk Van Zyl

Field of Expertise: Mining Geotechnical

Dirk has more than 30 years experience in research, teaching and consulting in tailings and mined earth structures. During that period he was a faculty member for 13 years at four Universities in the US and Canada. For the last 10 years much of his attention has been focused on mining and sustainable development. He has been involved internationally in many mining projects. These projects covered the whole mining life cycle, from exploration to closure and post-closure, in a large range of climatic and geographic environments. His present research is in the area of the contributions that mining makes to sustainable development as well as the application of life cycle assessment to mined earth structures.

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Comprehensive 3D slope stability modeling designed to address complex geology using triangulated surfaces.


The most comprehensive 2D/3D slope stability and finite element (FEM) numerical modeling software available.


Comprehensive saturated/ unsaturated flow and contaminant transport modeling with automatic mesh refinement.

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