The innovative new SVFLUX™WR module combines the leading edge SVOFFICE™ CAD-based 2D/3D model building and visualization interfaces with the groundwater modeling abilities of the FEHM solver developed by Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). The software was developed over 20 years as phase one of a collaboration between SoilVision and LANL. The FEHM solver produces fast solutions of highly non-linear models considering unsaturated soil mechanics. Therefore, regional flow models including many pumping wells with complex geometry can be modeled. The solution implements a powerful triangular (2D) and tetrahedral (3D) mesher.

  • Complex Dam

  • Complex Geometry Flow

  • Dam in Valley

  • Open Pit Dewatering

  • Open Pit Dewatering

  • Watershed Model

  • Watershed Model

Key features of SVFLUXWR:

FEHM Control Volume Finite Element Solver integration providing the following benefits:

  • Analysis of large-scale, complex groundwater modeling:
    • Seepage analysis of earth dams and levees
    • Simulation of pumping wells in confined and unconfined aquifers
    • Mine dewatering analysis
    • Thin layer model support
  • Comprehensive 2D/3D meshing including multiple nodes per layer
  • High performance computing capabilities
  • Simple and powerful user interface allows rapid creation of models
  • Perform combined hydrogeological and slope-stability analysis
  • Saturated and unsaturated flows: Stable and fast analysis of highly nonlinear unsaturated flow using Richard's Equation
  • Double Porosity / Double Permeability capabilities for fractured media:
    • Allows the communication between fractures and the matrix block in the reservoir in addition to the flow within them
    • Produce a more realistic simulation than the Dual Porosity method in that the matrix can communicate with other matrix nodes
    • SVFLUX™WR can manage both Double Porosity / Double Permeability and normal materials in one singer model to obtain a more accurate representation of a fractured reservoir
  • Fully implicit, fully coupled seepage and heat flow Newton Raphson solution of nonlinear equations:
    • Provide stability and higher accuracy for stiff problems
    • Density, viscosity and enthalpy of different phases are automatically calculated at each Newton-Raphson iteration based on the thermodynamics functions of temperature and pressure
  • Control Volume (CV) and Finite Element (FE) method:
    • Provides stabilized numerical solutions for unsteady problems
    • Readily handle very complex geometry
  • Fully automatic unstructured (2D triangular and 3D tetrahedral) and structured (2D quadrilateral) mesh generation and manual mesh refinement:
    • The new SVFLUX™WR module introduces a new automatic mesh generation algorithm for increased user control over the mesh
    • The new Selective Mesh Refinement function is available to allow the user to manually select specific areas of interest, key zones or along critical boundaries for more targeted refinement processing
  • Easily generate 3D models from 2D cross-sections, or slice 3D models into 2D cross-sections
  • Import soil properties from the SVSOILS™ database of over 6200 soils
  • Surface Mesh Support: The new 3D solution offers support for both surface meshes and grids. Surface mesh support allows models of higher complexity to be produced. Models may be based on geometry obtained from SVDESIGNER™ or from other geological modeling packages such as Vulcan, Minesite, GoCAD or Surpac.
  • Multi-discipline application:
    • Coupling brings seepage modeling to slope stability problems
    • Coupling with SVHEAT™WR simulates multi-phase flow and heat transfer in geothermal reservoirs
  • Stunning visualization of results
  • Easy to use and simplified CAD-based user interface:
    • A clearly organized menu system with left to right arrangement of primary functions
    • Allows rapid creation of seepage models
    • The new 3D CAD graphics engine provides measurably faster overall operation
  • SVDESIGNER™ Conceptual Modeling Software Package: This brand new software program is tightly integrated with SVOFFICE™5/WR and allows for the representation and manipulation of complex 3D geometry and takes 3D modeling to a whole new level.
  • SVOFFICE™5 Manager: the Manager dialog has been redesigned to greatly simplify its usage. Models can easily be grouped by project and stored anywhere on the user’s disk drive.
  • Extensive QAQC program
  • World Class Support: Highly dedicated team with tracking and fast response to raised issues - typically within 24 - 48 hours

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What Our Customers Say

  • "This current SVFLUX™GE offered by SoilVision is innovative, practical and user friendly. The options of snow cover and crust formation makes it more dynamic and really gives a quick output. The idea of being able to see on screen output graphs makes it more versatile. As a beginner in unsaturated soil modelling I would strongly recommend it to anyone."
  • "We have allowed our students the choice of using multiple Geotechnical software suites in our Dam Design and other Geotechnical courses. Our students consistently gravitate towards SoilVision software as being the most modern and user-friendly."

  • "We used the SVFLUX™ software to perform unsaturated flow modeling of a heap leach facility. The interface was easy-to-use and the automatic mesh refinement allowed solution of a highly non-linear unsaturated flow scenario. I would recommend this software for use in modeling of heap leach facilities."

  • "I used the climatic coupling of the SVFLUX™ software in my research and the software's abilities were central to the completion of the numerical modeling aspect of my program. I particularly found the flexibility offered by SVFLUX™ and the responsiveness of the technical team at SoilVision to my inquiries extremely helpful. I would recommend this software to anyone else integrating seepage modeling with climatic coupling.”

  • "We have been using SVSLOPE® and SVFLUX™ for the past year and have found them to be efficient and productive engineering tools which have allowed us to offer our services in an efficient manner. The capability of automated increased discretization of the mesh is an absolute benefit to our modeling, reducing time and effort. We have found the software quick and easy for our engineers to train and utilize. I would recommend this product to other geotechnical consulting firms."

  • "I'm very pleased with the software. It is stable, versatile, and fast, and so far has responded to my demands. Well worth the investment.”

  • "We found the response time regarding implementation of the new boundary condition feature impressive. The software has subsequently been utilized on various projects within AMEC including dry stack and traditional tailing storage facility design, as well as numerous closure cover systems. The comprehensive climatic and material characteristic relationships and CAD interface have been instrumental in reducing both modeling time and cost."

  • "The SVFLUX™ software has provided a stable and productive environment by which we have been able to quickly apply unsaturated flow numerical models and further develop this area of our business.”

  • "The SVFLUX™ software is very efficient, flexible and comprehensive. It fits well to different simulations while allowing you to quickly change several parameters without having to rebuild the model.”

  • "Research projects often require the use of raw data from conventional software packages to be incorporated into advanced customized solutions. It is often hard to find commercial software that allows you access to the raw data. SVFLUX™ not only gives you access, it allows you to export the raw data in several user defined formats. This feature has been invaluable in my Ph.D. program.”

  • "The software developed by SoilVision Systems Ltd. for 3D saturated / unsaturated flow is a powerful tool for the analysis and design of reclamation systems for waste rock and mine tailings. Groundwater flow together with fate and transport issues are central to the design of remedial measures. SoilVision has demonstrated the ability to provide 3D solutions for difficult unsaturated flow problems in waste deposits at mine sites that cannot be solved using current software available. I feel that SoilVision offers a key service with respect to the remediation and design of long-term closure systems for mine waste management.”

  • Large-Scale Hydrogeological Groundwater Flow Models

    Developed for hydrogeologists with an interest in performing large-scale groundwater flow analysis utilizing the proven FEHM solver. Solutions can be visualized through the polished ACUMESH™ back-end visualization software. SVFLUX™WR allows hydrogeologists to quickly unlock the power of FEHM through a fresh and streamlined CAD user interface. Large-scale, complex modeling problems can be set up quickly and efficiently.


    SVFlux GT SVFlux GE

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  • Common Applications:

    The following list is a collection of the most common applications for SVFLUX™WR. Most of them are included as sample models from the cloud.



  • Time-tested and Industry Proven

    The FEHM solver was utilized on the famous Yucca Mountain nuclear storage project to model the regional groundwater flow to ascertain the ability of the site to accept nuclear waste.

    The numerical background of the FEHM computer code can be traced to the early 1970s when it was used to simulate geothermal and hot dry rock reservoirs. The primary use over a number of years was to assist in the understanding of flow fields and mass transport in the saturated and unsaturated zones below the potential Yucca Mountain repository. Today FEHM is used to simulate groundwater and contaminant flow and transport in deep and shallow, fractured and un-fractured porous media throughout the US DOE complex. FEHM has proved to be a valuable asset on a variety of projects of national interest including Environmental Remediation of the Nevada Test Site, the LANL Groundwater Protection Program, geologic CO2 sequestration, Enhanced Geothermal Energy (EGS) programs, Oil and Gas production, Nuclear Waste Isolation, and Arctic Permafrost... READ MORE.

  • SVOFFICE™5 User Manual


    Verification Manual



    The investment in geotechnical / hydrogeological software is an important decision for most consulting firms. Software must perform well and yield results in a limited timeframe such that reports can be completed on time and under budget. We recognize this at SoilVision Systems Ltd. and and have worked hard over the past number of years to provide software which is both easy to use and technologically advanced. We believe that our current SVOFFICE™5 software products are the best currently available for geotechnical and hydrogeological applications. Listed below are a few of the reasons why your firm would benefit from our software from the perspective of a manager.

    1. 3D Modeling Solutions
      • Modeling of systems which are not adequately represented by a simplified 2D cross section may be accomplished in full 3D. Examples include regional flow, levee analysis, and planar geometry.
    2. Advanced Slope Stability Analysis
      • With the highly advanced SVSLOPE® slope stability analysis package, your company will have access to the most comprehensive array of deterministic and probabilistic methods of limit equilibrium and stress-based analysis methods.
    3. Advanced Model Coupling
      • Coupling of the air/water/thermal phases allows more comprehensive analysis of i) cover designs and, ii) waste rock flow, and iii) various other applications.
      • Coupled density-dependant flow allows handling of salt-water/ fresh water potash mine tailings scenarios and tidal inflow scenarios.
    4. 3D Conceptual Geometry Modeling and Visualization and 2D Slicing with SVDESIGNER™
      • SVDESIGNER™ allows for rapid three-dimensional geotechnical prototyping of designs.
      • 2D slices can be quickly and easily extracted from your geotechnical designs and brought into SVFLUX™WR for analysis.
    5. Automatic Mesh Generation and Refinement
      • Automatic mesh generation and refinement greatly enhances model stability, accuracy, and convergence.
    6. Spatially Varying Material Properties
      • Material properties may now be set to vary spatially in any particular region of the model domain. This is available in our SVSLOPE® and SVFLUX™WR packages
    7. Product Integration
      • Products support highly integrated and coupled solutions. i.e. Rainfall on an unsaturated slope potentially causing instability.
    8. Comprehensive Probabilistic Analysis
      • Monte Carlo, APEM, Latin Hypercube and other types of probabilistic analysis may be carried out in our SVSLOPE® package. Monte Carlo analysis for steady state models can be carried out in our SVFLUX™WR package.
    9. Extensive Soil Database
      • Our SVSOILS™ (formerly SOILVISION®) Database of unsaturated hydraulic properties includes laboratory data on over 6500 soils and 24 theoretical methods of estimating unsaturated hydraulic properties.
    10. World Class Support
      • Highly dedicated team with tracking and fast response to all raised issues - typically within 24 - 48 hours.

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