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Customizable Solutions

Our products within the SVOFFICE™5/GE suite (SVFLUX™GE, SVHEAT™GE, SVAIR™GE, and SVCHEM™GE) are unique in that the problem formulation may be edited by the user. The numerical solution of each problem is represented as a mathematical text file. The FlexPDE solver uses a mathematical scripting language similar to the Mathcad or Matlab products.

This unique feature allows the following benefits to our software packages:

  • University students may view the mathematical formulation they are solving including governing partial differential equations (PDEs).
  • Our products are ideal for research in that experimental formulations may be tested with no programming efforts. Customized boundary conditions may be added or additional partial differential equations may be coupled in.
  • Consultants may provide customized finite element solutions to their clients.

An example of a typical scripting file showing the 2D formulation of Richards equation may be seen in the following figure:

If you would like us to develop a customized solution for you please click here for more information.

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  • Academic Research Workstation License (40% Discount)

    • Full access to the Standard or Professional versions with no node limitations
    • Allows portability between computers and laptops
    • Academic researchers working with accredited educational institutions are eligible for a 40% discount of our commercial software prices. To access the complete pricing list please click here.
    • To initiate an order please request a quote

    Academic Research Network License

      • Full access to the Standard or Professional versions with no node limitations
      • One USB security key attached to the network servers allows up to ten researchers to run models at the same time
      • Special network pricing for accredited educational institutions:
        • 2D Standard programs are not available for this pricing

    To order an Academic Research Network License please send your order request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the following information:

        • Number of users requested
        • Product modules requested
        • Contact name, email & phone number
        • Shipping address
        • Billing information (if different from the shipping address)
        • Method of payment preferred (Wire transfer, USD cheque, MC, or Visa)
  • Research Collaboration

    SoilVision Systems Ltd. invests regularly in a significant amount of internal research. SoilVision Systems Ltd. is actively pursuing research collaboration with professors around the world. If you would like to collaborate with us to perform research using our software please contact us here.

    If you are an academic institution in Canada, SoilVision Systems would like to talk to you regarding possible collaboration. It is possible to obtain funding for select research projects through various funding agencies. Please contact us here for more information.

    Developmental Collaboration

    SoilVision Systems Ltd. is actively interested in collaborating with universities relating to ongoing development of various modular pieces of software. If you have an idea which will involve development of a module of software we are interested in speaking to you relating working out an arrangement for collaboration. Please contact us here if you have such an idea.

  • Our software packages were developed based on research in unsaturated soils performed at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, SK, Canada. The most recent methods for analyzing unsaturated soils have been implemented in our software and we are committed to its continual improvement. As such, we will continue to make available our peer-reviewed research findings in conference and journal papers as we receive permission from publishers. Please take some time to review our library of related research materials.

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