Feature Focus

February 20, 2009

One particularly interesting aspect of numerical modeling is accounting for spatial variability in an individual material property. In the numerical modeling of any subsurface model the aspect of spatial variability of material properties is often a concern.

The recent addition of the bimodal fitting capacity to SVOffice 2009 allows for the numerical modeling of soils with two distinct pore distributions. The new feature is of particular interest in a modeling situation where there is gap graded material and in the numerical modeling of fractures in soil or rock which demonstrate two distinct pore phases.

This bimodal implementation is an extension of the Fredlund and Xing fit of the soil water characteristic curve. The Modified Campbell hydraulic conductivity curve estimation may be used in conjunction with the bimodal fit of the soil water characteristic curve in order to fully model the bimodal behavior of soils.

This feature can be accessed in our Student, Standard, and Professional versions of SVOffice 2009 – SVFLUX under the Model > Material Properties > SWCC tab.

An example of a bimodal soil water characteristic curve may be seen in the following figure.

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