Feature Focus

April 29, 2009

Performing a cover design often results in mounds of data being produced from a numerical model. It is often difficult to properly interpret what the numerical model is "saying" to the user. One of the most important pieces of information resulting from a 1D climatic model is the depth to which climatic events (precipitation and evaporation) can have an effect on the water contents and the pore-water pressures. For example, if it can be determined that climatic events do not reasonably affect the suction profile past a depth of 3m in a cover then this piece of information has significant bearing on related heave/swell analysis as well as slope stability analysis.

For more information on this feature, or to have us evaluate cover design scenarios, feel free to contact us directly. You can also download the student version of SVOffice 2009 and try it out for yourself! Our downloadable "Earth Covers" project contains relevant examples.

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