Feature Focus

February 6, 2013

"What's the easiest way to get an answer to my question?"

"What's the fastest way to resolve my modeling issues?"

"Have other people asked the same question as me?"

These questions have led to our implementation of a new web-based support system. This new support system is an exciting by-product of the undeniable fact that we are growing and it is largely because of the feedback from you, our customers.

Here's what you can expect on this new platform:

  • Group conversations on issues
  • A growing knowledge base of articles on the most common questions our customers ask: Installation issues, getting started, and product specific questions
  • Search by keyword or phrase
  • Community members can vote on helpful articles
  • A new customer support ticketing system which will guide you through what information we need to help you with your issues
  • Log in using your Google, Twitter, or Facebook accounts
  • View using mobile interfaces
  • Integrationwith our other systems – customer relations management, issue management, etc. which ensures that we have the most up to date information when answering questions for you

Just click on the SUPPORT link at the left of our website to see this in action!

If you would like more information on our products, feel free to contact us directly or to download the student version of our software and try it out!

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