Software Changelog

  • NEW: Implement Anisotropy of the thermal conductivity for SVHEAT™WR.
  • NEW: Implement Cote and Konrad to calculate thermal conductivity in SVHeat™.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Several performance improvements that speed model loading and writing of input files.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Numerous user interface enhancements in SVDESIGNER™.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Improved responsiveness of Support Geometry dialog in SVSLOPE®.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Increased speed of elevation contouring.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Enable the Cauchy Boundary Condition for SVFLUX™WR.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Added support for tunnels to SVFLUX™GT.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Solution of pore-water pressure FE results with SVSLOPE®3D analysis is slow.
  • FIX: Highlight graph ranges on canvas in both front end and AcuMesh&trade when dialog is open.
  • FIX: Improvements to meshing dialog.
  • FIX: Streamtraces in 3D models.

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