Software Changelog

  • NEW: SVOFFICE™ 5 GT suite Beta release.
  • NEW: SVCORE™ finite element solver for solutions with GT suite.
  • NEW: SVSOLID™ stress/deformation analysis with GT suite.
  • NEW: Saturated Consolidation analysis in 1D/2D/3D.
  • NEW: Large Strain stress/deformation anlysis.
  • NEW: Large Strain saturated consolidation anlysis.
  • NEW: SVOFFICE™ 5 WR suite Beta release.
  • NEW: FEHM™ solver developed by Los Alamos National Labs supported by SVOFFICE™ 5 WR suite.
  • NEW: SVFLUX™ WR analysis with FEHM™ solver. Enhanced capabilities for large regional groundwater modeling.
  • NEW: Multi-Plane Analysis (MPA) in SVSLOPE® allows rapid solution of hundreds of 2D sections from a 3D slope stability model.
  • NEW: Probability ehancements in SVSLOPE® offer more inputs for consideration.
  • NEW: New tutorials to perform back analysis of material properties for SVSLOPE® 2D.
  • NEW: v.5.2 Minor Version update provides new features for users on VIP program.
  • FIX: SVDESIGNER™ road builder bugs fixed.
  • FIX: Errors when flipping to 2D in 3D models fixed.
  • FIX: Show value blanking feature now working.

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