Software Changelog

SVOFFICE™5 was recently updated with the following improvements, changes and bug fixes. We strongly recommend that you update your software to the most current version.

  • NEW: Material Volume Meshes (MVM) added in SVSLOPE®.
  • NEW: Implementation of ALM4 shear strength model in SVSLOPE®.
  • NEW: Import of Slope/W models added.
  • NEW: Direct import of cross section data from SVOFFICE™ models into SVDESIGNER™ added.
  • NEW: Import of 3D water table from cross section data added.
  • NEW: Notes can be saved with specific trial slip surfaces.
  • NEW: Break lines can be used in SVDESIGNER™ to aid in mesh generation.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Upgraded video card requirements from OpenGL 3.1 to OpenGL 3.3.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Iso-surface display now supports models solved using brick elements.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Specific stages or time steps can be selected for stress or pwp input from a .DAT file in SVSLOPE®.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Plan view surface display added to 3D AcuMesh™ has been implemented for the GT suite.
  • IMPROVEMENT: More data mining of the SWCC functionality add to SVSOILS™.
  • FIX: Pore-water pressure settings were lost when extruding a combined SVSLOPE™/SVFLUX™ model from 2D to 3D.
  • FIX: Clear slip surface selection operation was not working.
  • FIX: SVSLOPE® MPA entry/exit gap location error.
  • FIX: SVSLOPE® MPA issues with some trials being discarded in some situations.
  • FIX: Undo-redo added for Load dialogs.
  • FIX: More components accounted for in imported SVSOLID™ models from SVOffice2009™.
  • FIX: Corrections to tolerance mesh setting when accounting for flux sections and graph selections.
  • FIX: Boundary Flux outputs were not working properly when having multiple outputs for different layers in SVFLUX™ WR.
  • FIX: SVFLUX™ GT was ignoring the staged bc off setting and continuing to use the stage specific choices.
  • FIX: Some graph symbol sizing was not accounted for in PDF output.
  • FIX: Excavated regions enclosed by other regions were not being displayed as cut-outs on the CAD.
  • FIX: Polyline segments were not being included in mesh generation in SVDESIGNER™.
  • FIX: Removed a restriction in the SVOFFICE™ DXF importer, that assumes a given DXF layer must have exactly one region.

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